Cedar County Library branches are OPEN!

Are you ready to hear some super exciting news?
We are sure ready to share it!
The Cedar County Library (both branches) will be RE-OPENING on Monday, May 18th, 2020 FOR LIMITED HOURS. Please continue to read!!!!
Please read the following for more information. We realize the post is lengthy, but please read. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.
Monday the 18th through Friday the 22nd, we will be open from 9-3 for the public. The 9-10 am hour will be reserved for those 60 and older or those with medical issues. We will do a complete sanitation of the building each day from 3 pm on.
Saturday, May 23rd, we will be open from 9-2, with staff doing a complete sanitation of the building from 2 on.
We will update next week how hours will run after that time period. Please be sure to observe the new social distancing rules that will temporarily be in effect. Please realize that these rules are for EVERYONE’S safety, including our staff.
There will be a limitation of 20 people in the Stockton branch at one time, and 10 people in the El Dorado branch. This includes staff.
First and foremost, please do not come to the library if you are sick, displaying any symptoms, or have someone in your family who is. If you come into the library displaying symptoms, we will have to ask you to leave.
Patrons will be asked to stop at the door to sanitize their hands with our provided hand sanitizer, and sign in before entering the library.
1. The public restrooms will not be available the week of May 18th-23rd.
2. Magazines, newspapers, and Geneology will be un-available for reading or checking out until further notice.
3. We are asking that ALL RETURNS GO INTO THE DROPBOX AT THIS TIME. Please do not bring your materials to the desk. Materials will be placed in a quarantine for a minimum of three days before being cleaned and placed back on the shelves.
3. Staff will sanitize all areas at minimum of every hour.
4. High touch areas, such as the computers and circulation desk will be sanitized after each patron.
5. To maintain social distancing, please note that every other computer has been disabled, there is only one chair per table, all toys and child manipulatives have been removed, including the touch screen computers. We have also removed soft surface furniture.
6. Computers will be available for one hour per day, per patron, maximum. There will be no gaming allowed. You may use social media, but if someone is waiting who needs to use the computer for business purposes, you will be asked to finish. Also, because of this, NO ONE ON ONE help will be offered at this time.
7. One family member per family will be allowed into the building to check out materials.
8. We are asking patrons to mind social distancing rules. Please stay at least six feet away from other patrons. That includes while in the aisles. Note we have placed tape on the floor for standing while waiting to check out. We have also placed safety guards at the desks for staff safety.
9. There will be no programming, including story time, until further notice.
Please remember that all these temporary changes are made with the best interests of everyone in mind. We want everyone to be safe. Note that other rules may be added as needed.
Last but not least, please be patient with us. This is new for us all. We are so excited to be open and serving our amazing patrons once again

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